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Random Drabble Batch - PG-13

Title: Random Drabble Batch
Author: Kamika Farinas aka tinyangl
Rating: PG-13 - Highest
Author's Note: I felt like I'd take today and crosspost some of these drabbles that I've written and finally post the things I wrote for the Anon Meme from lord knows how long. XP (Actually, I wrote one other drabble for the Anon Meme, a Ryo/Shige, but it's part of a bigger drabble batch, so that'll appear later.) I also found a really random Ryopin drabble in my computer. I can't even remember writing it. ~_~
Pairings: Sano/Mizuki (Hana Kimi Japanese version), Pin, Ryo/NewS, Oguri Shun/Jun, Ryopin

There isn't much he thinks he can do. As a whole, he thinks himself quite useless, so when his path collides with someone who believes in the things that he had thrown away so long ago, Sano doesn't believe it can affect him in any way, shape, or form. There's just too much that's happened since then, so why in the world do all her words affect him in ways he never imagined? The words bring about hope and determination, emotions he was sure he'd abandoned like everyone had abandoned him. ...Although that last sentiment was a laughable one. Nobody had ever abandoned him; he'd just pushed them all away to the breaking point. But nobody had pushed hard enough. Of that, he was sure. So finding that one person that was as determined as Ashiya was, he had to admit that she would be someone that would be tougher to break.

...But, did he really even want to break her? Wasn't that the question of a lifetime.

Note: For both Alena and Rhey. Alena because she asked for fluff. And Rhey, because she probably forgot that she had asked for Pin friendship fic a very long time ago and came up with this situation. Heh.

There were a lot of things that Jin has come to expect and a constant thing is that Yamapi doesn't break emotion often, if at all. He hadn't been lying when he had said that Yamapi was emotionless that time ago. Okay, so it wasn't exactly a complete lie. It was a half truth. Yamapi didn't show the times he was sad or mad very easily, but when he was happy and excited, he showed it. So when he found Yamapi at his door, looking broken and close to tears, Jin wasn't sure about what he was supposed to do. "Pi?" he asked in a small voice, a reflection of how he was feeling at the moment.

"Can I come in?" Yamapi managed, his arms crossed tightly against his chest and Jin could almost see the imprints of his fingers against his arms. Jin gulped before he ushered Yamapi into his apartment and watched Yampi from behind as the male toed off his shoes, chose one of the slippers at random and trudged into Jin's living room. Jin watched with worried eyes and walked into the room right behind him. Yamapi had already situated himself on Jin's couch, sprawled out with one arm behind his head and his eyes staring attentively at his ceiling.

"Pi," Jin started, but then stopped himself. Should he start and ask what happened? Or should he wait and have Yamapi talk when he was ready? Taking a second, Jin chose the second. "I'll get you something to drink. You're probably thirsty or something." Jin moved into the kitchen swiftly, trying to busy himself with getting Yamapi a glass of water. "Are you hungry, Pi? Ate dinner?"

"No." Jin could hear Yamapi's croak in this silent place with no trouble. He's not sure how, but he just knew that Yamapi wouldn't want any food at all. He took a breath before stepping back into the living room. He placed the glass on the table nearby, falling onto the floor and then adjusting his seating so that he was on his knees. He sneaked a glance at Yamapi. The younger male had thrown his free arm across his eyes and Jin had the suspicion that he was hiding more behind those eyes than ever.

"Pi, water." The young man sighed heavily before removing his arm and turning his head to face Jin. Of all the things Jin would have expected, it was definitely not tears. Maybe a different expression - vulnerability, exhaustion, fear. But not tears that were rolling across Yamapi's face as he turned on his side to get a better view of Jin. "Pi..." Jin breathed and he hadn't realized that his hand had moved without his permission and was trying to wipe the tears away. He could feel his heart pounding away and his head spun with words and expressions and things he could say to make this better.

"She... No," Yamapi choked out, the tears starting to flow faster and his body slowly curled up on the couch, so far that suddenly, Jin realized that Yamapi had his legs tucked up against his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around them.

Jin's eyes furrowed together and he didn't want to admit it, but he could feel his own eyes pricking at the sight of his best friend appearing broken before him. He didn't need any explanation; he already knew what this was all about. It hadn't been so long ago that Yamapi had confessed he had this crush on some girl that he went to school with and judging from the reaction, she had crushed him with whatever words she had used. Jin's hand still hovered above Yamapi's cheek; the tears he had been trying to stop just flowed harder. Jin sucked in a breath and shuffled closer to Yamapi, the feel of the rug rubbing against his pajama pants but Jin ignored this. All that was on his mind was getting his best friend happier and just not crying anymore.

"Pi, Pi. It's okay," Jin murmured as he sat against his knees. His head was only a little above Yamapi's and he looked at his best friend with concern. He wrapped one arm around Yamapi's neck and tugged him closer to Jin, resting his own head against Yamapi's. "It's okay, it's okay," Jin repeated, like a mantra, a prayer. Something of the sort, anything. As long as it worked.

The silent crying lessened as time went on; Jin wasn't sure how long it had lasted. It felt like forever though in Jin's mind. He didn't know when he had stopped murmuring "It's okay" and just combed through Yamapi's hair, resting his own head awkwardly against Yamapi's shoulder.

"It's okay, huh?" Yamapi croaked, his voice raspy from unuse.

Jin nodded slowly, his hand still mindlessly stroking through Yamapi's hair.

"I hope so," Yamapi whispered and Jin could hear in that one sentence how much Yamapi wanted it to be true. Jin desparately wanted it to be true.

"It will be," Jin said determined. "It will be," he repeated, as though saying it a second time would ensure that it would be. He could feel his heart beating just as fast as it had been when Yamapi arrived and then he felt Yamapi's arm tug Jin closer and grasp at his shirt from behind. Jin licked at his lips and shifted to get closer.

"Thanks, Jin," he heard Yamapi say sleepily and Jin felt a small smile tug at his lips. Jin felt Yamapi's body shift as he breathed and his own eyes started to droop closed from exhaustion. The unsaid words "Any time" floated through the air, but Jin was sure Yamapi knew that Jin would always be there for his trouble. He only hoped he could help no matter what the problem.

Note: This was written for the Anon Meme. I expanded it just a LITTLE, but I couldn't add too much because... I felt it was okay the way it had been. (The added paragraph may be a little awkward. Whoops. XP

Ryo thinks that if the world just has to change (or just surprise him), it should at least have the decency to ask him for permission, or at least give him a heads up. It'd save him those moments of gaping that could be used for more useful things, like being verbally abusive. He thinks that's better time spent than staring in surprise.

He can pinpoint when all the surprises happened. It's when he enters NewS' main room and finds Tegoshi sitting on someone's lap. Normally, this would be fine to Ryo. He'd look, hide a smile in amusement and then go on with his business. Except it takes him a double take to register that the person that Tegoshi's sitting on is MASSU and Ryo is pretty sure that Massu had been very vehement about never letting Tegoshi sit on his lap. Tegoshi waves at Ryo, who's still standing at the door in shock. Tegoshi's as normally as ever, greeting him with a cheery smile and even chirping a "Ryo-tan" along with it. The rest of the members file into the room behind him, taking the view in stride. When he finally manages to pick up his jaw off the ground, he thinks that either he missed something the day before (which he just couldn't have), or everyone else had been abducted by aliens the night before and he had managed to ward them off even in his sleep (Ryo rather liked the latter considering it made him sound much better than the others).

Then he comes in a few days later and finds another surprise. Shige. Sitting on someone's lap. (There is something mentally disturbing about this image, Ryo thinks.) Ryo blinks a few times to make sure that his eyes or head haven't rotated the image incorrectly, but it's still the same. Shige is sitting on Tegoshi's lap, looking slightly uncomfortable but still managing to keep up a "decent" conversation. Ryo gulps and thinks that someone must've lost a bet. And again, the rest of the members find this normal and Ryo is left gaping over in his corner. He starts to think that everyone must be playing some extravagant joke on him, but when Shige moves from Tegoshi's lap to Koyama's, Ryo thinks that maybe that might not be the case.
It gets worse before it gets better. Because the next few days are filled with strange little occurances like those. For one thing, he finds Massu feeding Tegoshi and practically giving him his entire bento for the day. For another, Yamapi decides that he wants to be jumpy and excited all day, despite the fact that there's nothing exciting about to happen or the fact that he's not going off to act. Ryo finds himself trying to get Yamapi to shut up more often than he should and wonders if someone spiked his water. Then Koyama ends up being quiet and broody and not even Shige's encouragement (in whatever form that may come in) can get him to cheer up. (Luckily, Ryo is glad to find that by the end of the day, Koyama's back to normal to which he snarks, "Finally got that stick out your ass?" Koyama only glares.)

Then he arrives home and while this newest sight surprises him, Ryo thinks that the world can change for all he cares and he wouldn't mind it in the least. Because honestly, who'd protest all of NewS on his bed, looking at him with identical smirks? (He would, however, would like it if someone gave him a little warning, because 5 seconds of gaping could've definitely gone to something much more useful like removing his clothes or pinning down the closest person with his mouth. Extremely useful, he thinks.)

Days where they could relax and just be stupid were few and in between, and today was just one of those days and Yamapi was more than happy for it. Leaning his head back against the couch and ignoring the sticky feel of its material clinging to his skin, he let out a sigh, whether from content or exhaustion, he wasn't quite sure. He shifted in his seat and squelched at the feel of his sweat on the material, frowning as he lifted his hand to feel the "breeze" coming from the fan they had been using to cool themselves off.

His frown deepens when all he can feel is warm air, and curses Jin for not getting his AC fixed earlier to save them from this heat wave that seemed to be plaguing them and the rest of Japan. Yamapi shifted again. This time, their shoulders brush against each other lightly and with the feel of bare skin against bare skin, Yamapi let out more of a contented sigh.

Jin, on the other hand, was concentrating more on the dumb game show that happened to be on television. His eyes were glued to the screen and Yamapi snorted whenever Jin imitated the canned laughter of one of the contestants. He shook his head in amusement whenever Jin made fun of their attempts at English. ("Like you're one to talk." "I went away to LA for six months! I'm loads better." "'What is impression of Japan?'" "I was nervous!")

Yamapi leaned his head back, fitting the crook of his neck into the curved padding of the couch, his eyes lazily lidding halfway. He let out another sigh (he faintly wondered how many times he'd done that in just the past 10 minutes) as his eyes trail downwards, his attention being caught by the drumming of Jin's fingers against his thigh to the melody of the theme song. He could hear Jin's attempts at getting the answer and laughed when he realized that Jin really was far off.

"Bakanishi~" Yamapi breathed, "You're really living up to your name." Jin sputtered in indignation, but Yamapi didn't stop there, "But I guess sometimes, I'm just as dumb."

Jin's eyebrows rose, but he didn't broach the topic. He laughed instead, his eyes shining brightly and Yamapi's suddenly struck with the thought that he's glad Jin hasn't changed all these years and is, in some ways, just the same grinning, bright-eyed boy that he had met in front of the company doors. Jin's hand reached out to ruffle Yamapi's hair, as though Yamapi was a little dog who needed encouragement every now and then (which Yamapi supposed he wouldn't turn away when he needed). Instead, Yamapi dodged the hand, knowing from routine that it would be coming and he grinned back at Jin who rolled his eyes at his miss.

Shaking his head, Jin turned back to the television, muttering a "Ahh, so that's what it was" when the answer's told and they're back to silence again. Yamapi relaxed again in his seat, and his eyes started to close when Jin suddenly asked, "Why do you say that anyway?"

Yamapi's sigh was more relaxed than ever and he half-laughed when he heard the question. "Oh, Bakanishi," he breathed, his eyes fluttering open to look Jin in the eye who had turned to face Yamapi. His left hand reached up to pull Jin's head towards him, his eyes still half-lidded and the left side of his face pressed against the couch. He pressed his lips against Jin's, lightly and almost timidly (as though a little fearful of what might happen).

They separated after a few seconds and Jin let out a breathy "Oh." Yamapi's small laugh made Jin shiver slightly as he stared as Yamapi's eyes closed all the way.

"Oh is right," Yamapi muttered, his chest moving with every steady breath and Jin couldn't tear his eyes off the sight. His smile was gentle as he leaned back onto the couch, trying to snuggle next to Yamapi's slack body and the sound of the television (and the failure of a fan) filtered throughout the room. The two spent the rest of their time just relaxing in each other's presence. ("Bakanishi," Yamapi yawned, "get off." "I'm being affectionate!" "You're also sticky and sweaty. That's not exactly the most ideal situation." Jin huffed as he shifted over, "See if I'm ever affectionate again." "I'm sure I'm not missing much." "Brat.")

Shun/Jun (with appearances from Toma and Maki):
Note: I think I had read a Shun/Toma fic that day and for some reason, that made me crave for Shun/Jun. References the kiss that Toma and Shun had to redo twelve times in order to get right.

He may not be playing Domyouji any longer, but as Jun storms down the hallway, people can see just why he was chosen for the role. The Hana Kimi cast and crew scatter as he goes past, clinging to walls and doorways so that they're nowhere in his path. He finds the dressing room of the person he's looking for and throws it open. For a second, Jun is a little thrown off in his rage when he finds Shun inclined in his chair, his legs crossed and one foot pushing the two front legs of his chair up in the air as he stares at the open door and the person who opened it in amusement (almost as though he was expecting him).

"Jun-kun!" Shun chirps high-spirited, letting the chair rest firmly on the floor as he stands up to usher his guest in, "Come in, come in!" He shuts the door behind him and tilts his head sideways innocently as he turns back to Jun. "What's with the visit? I don't think I've ever gotten a visit from you on set." His eyes seem to gleam and his lips are pursed together as though to stiffle down any hints of laughter.

Jun, on the other hand, narrows his eyes and he pushes Shun against the door, his right hand firmly on Shun's chest and the older male doesn't say a word in protest. "Twelve times?" he growls dangerously as he takes a step closer to Shun.

The amused expression on Shun's face never drops. "We had to get it perfect, ne? You'd know something about that!" Shun says, practically laughing. Jun has the sudden urge to smack the smile off his face.

Jun licks at his lips and he narrows his eyes again and it's starting to look more like he's squinting at Shun, rather than glaring. His voice drops an octave as he snarls, "Soft lips?"

"Well, they are quite soft. Have you ever kissed Toma-kun, Jun-kun? I was really am-" Shun is stopped in his ramblings as Jun forcefully pulls Shun down by his shirt, smashing their lips together; all his fury being propelled into the kiss. Shun takes in a deep breath when they break apart and the smile has never left his face. "Idiot, were you jealous?"

Jun's expression dips into embarassment for a brief second before he straightens his back and puffs out his chest. "Ore-sama is never jealous of anyone," he says in determination and Shun resists from letting out a laugh.

"Idiot," he says instead and Jun pulls him back down to his height, pressing their lips together again, much softer this time.

Shun pushes them away from the door and Jun steps backwards without a thought, his hands still gripping Shun's shirt and his lips still on Shun's. He's forcibly stopped when he hits against a desk and they separate for a brief second as Jun looks at the desk in mild surprise. When he looks back, Shun's eyes are filled with promise and Jun is more than happy to make him pay up.

A few minutes later at the door, Toma stares at the closed door of Oguri Shun's dressing room with wide eyes and he snatches his hand away from the handle in a combination of shock, awe and horror. Maki tiptoes as she leans her chin against Toma's shoulder, looking at him curiously. "Toma-kun?"

Toma takes in a deep breath and coughs slightly as he turns to look at Maki, his eye twitching slightly. "I think we should leave Ogurian alone for tonight," he says, sounding put-off. He slides out from under Maki's chin and starts to walk away, laughing awkwardly and Maki frowns. She looks at Oguri's closed door then back at Toma and rushes to catch up with him.

"Ne, Toma-kun? What should we have for dinner tonight?" A pause. "Why are you walking so weird?" Another pause as Toma tries to fill the silence with his laughter which doesn't quite work. "Are you not bending your knees? What in the world did you see in there?!" Toma laughs louder this time, but still as shaky as ever and the twitch in his eye has quickened. Maki fears for the worse.

Note: Honestly. I completely have no idea where this came from. I... I just. What? o.o But it's in my hard drive in the folder where I have all these unfinished/unposted fics. So... It...has to be written by me. @.@

Jin pouts at Yamapi who shrugs at him nonchalantly, which leads Jin to change his sight onto Ryo who had been busy looking at his nails and checking to make sure they were pristine. That's what he had been doing anyway, until he feels the needy gaze of Jin on him. "What?" he snaps, as he crosses his arms against his chest.

"Since when did you know how to do the handshake?" Jin whines and Ryo feels like he already wants to not be there.

Ryo rolls his eyes. "You idiots taught it to me. For two hours, you would do it in front of me non-stop until I would follow." He growls. "Two hours of my life wasted on that."

Jin pouts again, "I don't remember this!"

Ryo snorts, "Of course you don't. You idiots were drunk. Neither of you can hold your drink."

Jin frowns as he puts a finger to his lips. "Really..." He starts, looking curious and when he turns to Yamapi, who had found a magazine to distract himself with, the younger male is of no help as he only shrugs again. "Well fine! I wanna see you do the handshake with me then! So I can see if you're worthy of it."

Ryo wants to argue the logic of this, but feels that if he were to start a logic argument with Jin, it'd probably be pointless. Instead, he shakes his head and holds his hand out to Jin, "Fine. I'll bite."

Jin grins, and takes Ryo's hand into his own. The familiar movements easily resurface until suddenly, Ryo jerks his hand back when they hit a wrong movement. Ryo glares at Jin, "Idiot. You talk about my worthiness, but you're the one who screws up."

Jin looks at his hand in horror. He puts his other hand to his heart, like it's a big betrayal to which Ryo rolls his eyes again. "But. But." Jin starts, his eyes starting to water.

"If anyone should stop doing this handshake, it should be you," Ryo snaps and snatches the magazine out of Yamapi's hands so he can read it himself.

Jin cries as he throws himself onto Yamapi's lap. "We should've never told you about this."

Yamapi only nods sympathetically and pats Jin on the head.


Awwww, boys. I adore their friendship. ♥!!!

And I remember that other Pin fic too cuz I was whining about how much I wanted to read lazy!Pin in the heat. Hehehe. Also, I think I remember the RyoPin too; it may have been part of some post-DVD-viewing spazzfest. XD
hehehe! We know I do too~ :D If Pin "rubing" can't happen, then their friendship is enough to satisfy me. *grins*

LOLOL. Yes, that's exactly what happened. Don't you love how both the Pins on the list are for you. You really know how to wrangle Pin fic from me. Seriously. LOLOL. At least someone does. I can't remember it at all. ~_~
adl';sad; ai rub yoo.

Rhey is very happy, yes, she is. :3
Ahahaha! Ai rub yoo too.

I would be happy too if someone would write everything (almost everything) for me. XP (P.S. Just on a random note, I have the song Ikenai Taiyou from Hana Kimi on repeat. SOMEONE STOP ME.)
Alas! You picked the wrong people to be friends with. :'(

[...you're doing better than I am. I'm still on you are my soul soul~]
Eh. I think I made the best friends ever. (Even if nobody randomly fics my requests. That's okay. I can somehow wrangle Alena to do them within time, I bet. *snickers*)

(AHAHAAH. Still?! Damn. I don't know if I'm any better. This morning, I literally woke up humming to this stupid Shokura song that was in both those Shokuras that I put together. And I only know those FIVE LINES that I had to hear over and over again. So um. That was weird.)
Hmmm, this might be questionable in some cases. :| :| (You have random requests? Lol, I've never heard them--which just goes to show how horrible a friend I really am, because, look how much you write for me and my weird crap, and I don't even know what you like. :((( Well, at least you've got Alena.)

[Umm, yes, unfortunately. :\ Five lines are plenty. I only know the first two. It's cuz after 'you are my soul soul itsumo sugu soba ni aru' I tune it out. ;_;]
Never questionable. Don't you dare say that. *glare* (I do, but I usually keep it in my head. Like that Tegopi I asked from Alena in exchange for the Sig? XP Plus I wanted this Pin written, but since I knew I couldn't write it myself, I just kept it to myself. *laughs* It's okay dear. *pat pats* And yes, at least i have Alena. *laughs*)

(Oh Rhey. Rhey Rhey Rhey. Not even the last two lines with "Arashi, Arashi. For Dream." I keep watching Arashi on Utaban and they constantly force the boys to sing that chorus. It's all sorts of hilarious.)
♥ (what is this Pin that you feel you can never write yourself. i must know.)

[oh, okay, i lied. i do know that. umm. where can i possibly get this clip for myself?]
Well... As long as you don't make me write it then I can tell you. *pointed stare* Hear me?

Ahahaha. Over at STORMY forums. XP (It's subbed, is why. The one I was watching last night was PARTICULARLY hilarious. This kid had fallen on his head and so that they could take the time to look him over, Ishibashi (??) was like "In the meantime, A.RA.SHI!" And they immediately performed. IT was hilarious, Rhey. HILARIOUS.)
Okay, almost done with this homework. Messaging you soon.
You are love!

Sano/Mizuki especially.

You=FTW. ^^
Awww! Thank you!! :D I like that you choose the shortest one to comment on. *laughs* I'd love to write more Hana Kimi things. I just saw the 10th episode and I'm flailing. There should DEFINITELY be Sano/Mizuki/Nakatsu fic written. Honestly.
The 10th episode is amazing!

The fact that Sano/Mizuki/Nakatsu fic hasn't been written boggles my mind. Oh god the possibilities! And even better--the sexual sandwiches! Someone, perhaps me (but I doubt it), will likely (hopefully) get around to writing it.
Haha, the Ryopin made me laugh. XD Does he really know how to do it? I've only seen the handshake once in summary, I think, but then I haven't watched much of JE yet. :x

Nice drabbles! I think I've read some of those before, but couldn't remember if I ever commented.
Ahahaha, yes he does!!! :D In the NewS DVD, it was revealed that Ryo does know the handshake when he and Yamapi shook hands. It was all sorts of surprising. *________________________*

hehe! :D If you've read them before, that means that you were around for that anon meme over at wintersjuly LJ, *grins* That was a lot of fun~
OHOHOHOHOHO. *points at Jun/Shun&gigglefits* OHOHOHOHOHO.
ShunJun Luv Luv!! I love this pairing very much ^^~
Thank you for sharing ^^