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Dance For Me - NC-17 [Ryo/Tegoshi]

Title: Dance For Me
Author: Kamika Farinas aka tinyangl
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1083
Characters: Ryo/Tegoshi [Nishikido Ryo/Tegoshi Yuya]
Summary: Ryo gets a present from Tegoshi.
Author's Note: One Hour Challenge based on this picture.
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Ryo looked up from his position on the couch, a finger lazily tracing along the rim of his jean's pocket - staring intently at the figure in front of him. His eyes were half-lidded and his hips were swaying from side to side, Ryo knew that a private birthday party with just him and Tegoshi had been a good idea. The music boomed in the speakers as Tegoshi slowly moved to the beat, a little off, but neither male cared. Ryo's hand played with the button, unbuttoning and then re-buttoning it just as Tegoshi unbuttoned his long-sleeved shirt - going painstakingly slow. Only small patches of skin peeked out and Ryo savored each sneak with just his eyes, although his hands itched to touch, to mar, to scar.

But Tegoshi had insisted, practically cooed in Ryo's ear when he sat on his lap about a week before - making Ryo promise that he was going to save a day for Tegoshi to give Ryo his gift.

Ryo was pleasantly surprised when Tegoshi had shown up, wearing a waiter's outfit and carrying a boom-box. "Are you planning on serving me something?" Ryo had leered.

Tegoshi was quicker on the up-take than Ryo had figured him for. He winked before side-stepping into Ryo's apartment, and in a promising tone retorted, "And then some - but only if you're good."

Ryo had blinked before stepping inside, shutting the door behind him and moving into the living room. Tegoshi beamed brightly at the older male before pulling him further inside and then pushing him down, Ryo half stumbled backward - falling more to the ground than on the couch.

Tegoshi giggled before apologizing, moving down to straddle Ryo - his legs on Ryo's sides. "It'll be a nice present, Ryo-tan~" he cooed, leaning forward to tap Ryo lightly on the nose before grinding down on Ryo's lap. "A very nice one." Before Ryo could put his arms around Tegoshi's waist and keep him on his lap (and continue with whatever game he had been playing just then), Tegoshi managed to slip back up - pressing play on the boom-box and any thought that had tried to enter Ryo's brain was instantly drowned out by the loud-drumming of the bass pounding against his ear drums.

Ryo blinked as he watched Tegoshi's fingers lingered around his neck, making a slow trail from his jaw down his throat before stopping at the small bow-tie. Tegoshi made a show of untying it - his hips rolling in turn with the beats of the music. Ryo didn't realize that his hands were already at his jeans until he felt two fingers toy with the cold metal of his jean's button, another finger brushing past the steel of the zipper. Ryo sucked in his breath as the tie came off, and then the apron soon after - Ryo thought that made it much more helpful to appreciate the black pants that Tegoshi was wearing - a little tight around the top, but flowed down. And whenever Tegoshi made a turn, Ryo noticed that Tegoshi would put much more effort to shaking his ass.

It wasn't the best strip-show he'd ever had, but Ryo did have to give the boy points for effort as Tegoshi leaned forward, crouching down in front of Ryo as his hands pushed Ryo's shirt up - fingers tracing a line down Ryo's abs. "This are nice," Tegoshi purred, admiring. Ryo's hands sneaked inside Tegoshi's opened shirt - glad to feel some sense of skin that wasn't his own underneath his fingertips.

A nail dragged down a line from Ryo's belly button to the lining of Ryo's white briefs, his pants already opened (Ryo had no idea when that had happened) before Tegoshi started to pull it down.

His hand grazed against Ryo's erection and Ryo tried to grit out a normal enough, "Weren't you giving me a strip tease?" He had to yell the question over the music, but Tegoshi could hear him. The younger male looked up, half smiling, half smirking.

"I got bored," Tegoshi murmured, before pulling down both Ryo's pants and underwear - at least up to Ryo's knees before he pulled back and just stared.

"Take a picture, it lasts longer," Ryo snapped, embarrassed at what Tegoshi was staring at.

"Is that an offer?" Tegoshi asked slyly. But before Ryo could reply, Tegoshi's lips slid over the head of his erection and Ryo could only throw his head back against the seat of the couch, gasping as his hands fisted the carpet underneath him just for something to grab.

Warm heat pooled to his crotch as Tegoshi dragged his tongue down the underside of Ryo's cock before taking it in little by little. Ryo shuddered as Tegoshi's head started to move back and forth, sucking hard. Ryo gasped and groaned and tried hard to just breathe - his hands finding their way into Tegoshi's hair, gripping tightly as he thrust his hips up to not only meet Tegoshi's pace, but to get him to move faster and quicker. Ryo could feel himself going over the edge, his breath catching just as he came, the music drowning out Tegoshi's name from his lips. Tegoshi greedily swallowed each and every bit, even dragging his tongue around to make sure he didn't miss any.

Ryo shuddered, before he pulled Tegoshi towards him - mashing their lips together and grinding his hand against Tegoshi's erection. Tegoshi yelped in surprise, but Ryo's mouth swallowed it, his tongue furiously fighting against a still stunned Tegoshi - Ryo wondered if that taste was actually himself.

The younger male grinded against Ryo's hand, his crotch gathering friction against it. Ryo's free hand gripped harder on Tegoshi's hair, tugging when Tegoshi was obviously taking way too long. He whimpered when Ryo yanked his head just back enough for him to get a perfect angle against Tegoshi's throat, biting down just as Tegoshi cried out. His body shook as he climaxed inside his pants, and then relaxed slack against Ryo's body. Ryo let go of his grip from Tegoshi's hair and instantly the younger male's head dropped onto Ryo's shoulder, resting there as he struggled to catch his breath.

Ryo chuckled, leaning over to shut off the boom-box before lying back and relaxing, his eyes shut. "Now whose birthday gift was this really? Mine or yours?"

Tegoshi exhaled and smiled against Ryo's shoulder, "Can't it be both of ours?"

"Only if I get a separate one."

"Greedy," Tegoshi yawned weakly.

Ryo smirked, "When am I not?"

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Ahaahaha, bored of the strip tease. Oh, Tegoshi~~
Ahahaha, well nothing was happening for him - he likes pleasing Ryo but there has to be SOME thing he can do other than shake his butt.
I love how you write Tegoshi! <3<3 He's got this kinky kittenish way about him (does that even make sense? hehe)

This was adorable in a fantastically smutty way ;)

*laughs* Thank you! He was just trying to please a senpai that he's long since admired. <333 :DDD

I'm so glad you thought so! ^_^

I always like a greedy Ryo.
Who DOESN'T. *grins*

NICE! Tegoshi cracked me up with the cute and coy, and Ryo was just delightfully... Ryo. XD
*laughs* Thanks! :D I always did love writing Ryo. XPPP May explain his appearance in like 90% of everything I write. *laughs*
Thanks!!! :DDD I really do love writing Ryo~ Snark is so much fun. LOL

RIGHT?! Oh Greedy!Ryo, never leave. <3
We love new graduates and we pay hourly plus commission. I don't know if there is one in your area, but we are booming.
it's been forever since i read any ryotego. :Dv so nice to be back.

"This are nice," Tegoshi purred, admiring
i agree with tegoshi.
*DIES* Typo right there. XPPP whoops. but yeah... I think we all would. Nnnnghhh. I was staring at ICONS of that damn shoot and couldn't tear my eyes away.
DDD: i didn't even notice until you pointed it out. ajlkgajlkfa *fails*

they are very nice icons. i mean, really. i think they'd be hard to mess up.
Seriously. I need to swap out this ryo icon for one of them. BUT I CAN'T DECIDE WHICH. IT's just so difficult! @.@ THEY'RE ALL SO HOT. God.
hahahaha. i have a personal preference for the g-curve one off the couch. but that's just were my weakenesses lie.

tell me when you decide.
Oh i agree. that one IS fabulous. But then I like the ones where he's training and he's sitting with his legs beneath him. or the one with his arm. a;ldkjalskjf I HAVE SUCH A WEAKNESS.
those ones are so nice too. *___* *not picky*

i love finding out about people's weaknesses.
ahahah! I thought everyone knew my weakness for ARMS by now. *__________________* nggh. or yama!skin. so pretty.
A p-private birthday party...


*can't finish*
Nnnngh. I just see your icon and die. Hi Ryo.
Ryo says hi. XDDD

*squeals* this was a lot of hot ..*__*
Ahahahah! Definitely needs ot be more Ryo/Tego. <333 I mean, it's so canon already! Ryo pampers Tegoshi more than anyone. And who has Ryo ever pampered? XP
"Now whose birthday gift was this really? Mine or yours?"

Tegoshi exhaled and smiled against Ryo's shoulder, "Can't it be both of ours?"

"Only if I get a separate one."

Yes, Tego, listen to him; Ryo always has the best solutions. Loved it! *_______*
Nnnngh. Icon. Shit.

RIGHT?! Ryo always DOES have brilliant solutions. Everyone should listen to Ryo.
lol stilll corrupting the youth eh, Ryo lol I can so believe that Tegoshi would get bored of doing a strip tease then just stop lol and leave the other person with a wtf face XD private b-day parties with a greedy Ryo..that's a start to an awesome fic ^_^
OMG THIS IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally a proper dirty NC17 fic! Why are those so rare in this fandom? *cries*


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