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Adjusting - Massu/Ryo [PG]

tinyangl, 4909 words
Massu/Ryo. Massu can't really figure out what to do with NewS over. He still has Tegomass, but something still doesn't feel right. He ends up going to Osaka for a weekend and discovering more than one answer.
A/N: Written for kaychung for my holiday meme! I blame cynicalism for the plot. You guys should too. XD

Massu opens his eyes and he suddenly feels the weight of both the microphone in his hands--which has started to slip from all his sweat--and the one on his shoulders as he looks out on the crowd. It's been 15 years since they debuted, 16 depending on who you asked--to NewS, it's their 16th; the hiatus having meant nothing other than pausing a little in group activities, they're still NewS.

Or at least they were NewS.

Koyama's talking, but Massu's drowned him out, squinting at all the people with raised penlights and uchiwas which undoubtedly have his smile--his trademark smile that every fan seems to know him as having--uchiwas that will no longer have the name NewS behind it but a sole Tegomass.

At least that's what is awaiting them at the end of Countdown.

They're hosting Countdown for the 3rd time--the last time ever and Massu can feel the minutes slowly trickle down--30 minutes left, 20, 10. 5.

"With the end of Countdown coming, NewS has something to announce," Koyama starts and that's when Massu feels his stomach plummet. He had managed well enough for the entire concert earlier that day. And every other medley and performance throughout Countdown. Beside him, Ryo grabs his hand and squeezes, and Massu can't bring himself to look at Ryo in thanks. Instead, he looks out at the crowd who have become startlingly still.

Then they scream, "EH!?" in voices so loud that it echoes in his ears for days and days to come.

That's when Massu knows that Koyama's probably told everyone. His body moves without him knowing and he raises the microphone to his mouth and sings with the rest of NewS.

Hoshi wo Mezashite. He thinks that Julie was being particularly ironic in telling them that's what they'd close the show with.

Massu shuts his eyes, squeezes them while he belts out the lyrics--lyrics that are being twisted around and he can feel his heart constrict, his eyes start to fill with tears and he swears he can hear Koyama breaking out of the song to brush away tears.

Ryo's hand has never left his and when they finish, Massu looks over grateful to see that Ryo's eyes are red--but no streaks of tears on his face and Massu wonders if he'd done the same thing Massu had.

Koyama's talking again, not that anyone else cares because nobody can speak right now--not a single one of them. And Massu tightens his grip on Ryo before they raise their hands up and scream to the crowd for the last time. "We are NewS!"

With that, Massu feels like he's waking up from a very long, very satisfying dream.

Ryo doesn't let go of his hand till they reach the dressing room.


They break up because Julie thinks she'll get more revenue if they're apart--Koyama stays as an MC for multiple variety shows, Yamapi is, of course, first and foremost an actor, but he has solo jobs lined up before him, Shige also stays as an actor (surprisingly) although Massu suspects he works a lot more in the Jimusho's legal department, Ryo stays with Kanjani8--who is still a unit (even though there are rumors that it won't stick for too much longer). And Tegomass stay as a permanent unit, becoming their first priority. Like Tegomass could serve as a replacement for NewS.

Massu thinks Julie's only joking herself--with her in command after Johnny's death and Mary's retirement, it's only a matter of time before the Jimusho'll run itself to the ground. From ideas like splitting up groups to debuting a group of the worst troublemakers in Johnny's Jrs and eliminating a lot of the tie-ins that many of the boys worked their asses off to get and to keep. Massu's not sure where all the money's coming from--if there even is any.

A part of him wishes he'd quit already--that this isn't what he wants anymore, not when everyone's broken up and what he'd been working towards, at, with is completely out of his sight.

Tegoshi's excited though, but he's always been prone to being optimistic, going towards everything head-on. Something Massu feels he's lost somewhere along the way after becoming settled as Massu of NewS.

Massu exhales before the choreographer snaps at him to pay attention and to do it again. He ignores the worried look in Tegoshi's eyes staring at him through the reflection on the mirrors.


Tegoshi tries to ask Massu what's the matter repeatedly in the next few days that follow.

"Really," Massu says exasperatedly, almost tired of saying the word itself. "I'm fine, Tegoshi."

"But you've been looking kinda tired. And you never look tired," Tegoshi insists, frowning--it's weird that even 10 years later, Tegoshi is still pretty much the same--still good at manipulating people with that pout of his.

Massu chuckles, almost feeling like he should reach out and ruffle Tegoshi's hair--but he resists, of course--and shakes his head. "I'm not tired at all!" He pumps up his fists in the air like it'll show how energetic he is.

Tegoshi seems to accept it, but not before giving Massu a dubious look then grinning. "Okay! If Massu says so, then I'll believe him."

Massu waits until Tegoshi leaves the room before letting out a sigh of relief and letting himself think the one thing he'd wanted, but didn't out of fear that Tegoshi could somehow read his mind--some things really didn't change.

But other things did. Things could change. Massu did, after all.

Tegoshi comes back into the room and Massu puts on his happy smile again, practicing their newest routine all over again for the fifth time that day.


Massu finds himself on a solo trip--going away during one of his free moments because he feels like he needs it. He only tells Tegoshi an hour before his train is leaving and although Tegoshi's a little incensed that Massu would be leaving him behind without a single word, Massu insists that it's only for the weekend and he needs some time to get over what happened at Countdown.

Tegoshi's voice goes soft as he tells Massu to take care of himself and that he'll see Massu bright and early on Monday--that gives Massu three days to figure out for himself what he wants, what he can do.

Massu nods before realizing that Tegoshi can't really see him. "Yeah, I'll see you Monday then."

"Do you know where you're going?" Tegoshi asks abruptly, right when Massu's about to say bye.

Massu looks up at the train map before shaking his head and then laughing again because Tegoshi can't see him. Tegoshi laughs on the other end. "Did you nod or something?"

"Yeah," Massu laughs. "I shook my head. I don't know. Wherever I feel like, I guess?"

Tegoshi laughs. "Bring souvenirs back for me then!"

"Of course. You'd kill me if I didn't."

"Well, not kill. Maybe be angry at for a minute or two before I bribed, I mean, convinced you to take me to dinner," Tegoshi jokes before breaking out into laughter.

Massu takes a moment to remember the sound before laughing himself. "I'm glad you already have your alternative plan."

"Gotta be ready after all. Anyway, you should probably get going. Your train to Never Neverland should be leaving soon."

Massu blinks. "Never Neverland?"

Tegoshi chuckles on the other end. "Never mind. Safe trip, okay?"

Massu nods again before hanging up, and then laughing because he did it again.


Before he knows it, Massu arrives in Osaka--he's not sure how he managed to blank out about 3 or so hours of travel time, but all that matters is that he's here. On second thought, he realizes that what matters more is what he's doing there and what he's going to do there.

Or really, why is he in Osaka to begin with?

Massu opens up his cell phone and is calling Ryo, his number already on speed-dial after all these years--the other four members are on the other numbers (Ryo's stolen number 3--saying it's for his birthday). Massu listens to the phone ring on the other end and for a second there, he panics, wondering if he could possibly be disturbing Ryo or what if Ryo's in the middle of a shoot, or recording, or--"Masuda?"

Massu stares in front of him blankly, not really thinking of a thing he could possibly say at this moment.

"Massu. You need to speak up if you're there," Ryo says, a little louder than before.

Massu still can't find the right words.

"Massu? Where are you? Are you underground again? You know connection isn't that great--"

"I'm sorry," Massu blurts out, cradling his phone and moving towards the exit of the station. "I--er. This must be a bad time. I didn't. Er."

"Massu, where are you?" Ryo interrupts, almost demanding. "Tegoshi called earlier saying that you were going on a trip. Why are you calling me?"

Massu steps outside the doors, stares at the cabs lining the curb and then inhales. "I'm in Osaka," he ends up saying simply.

There's a pause on the other line before Massu can hear the rustling of wind and the jingling of keys. "Shin-Osaka station, right? I'll be there as soon as I can, don't move."

"Nishikido-kun," Massu says helplessly, leaning against the wall behind him, his bag by his feet. "I can just take a cab. I think I can remember your address and--"

"Don't. Move."

Massu nods mutely before the dial tone meets his ears. He swallows then wonders once again why he's in Osaka. For a second, his mind flashes to Countdown and the feel of Ryo clutching onto him and Massu gripping back, and Massu sighs.


Ryo arrives sooner than later--not that Massu notices, lost in his thoughts again. He thinks he has to start keeping track of his time better not to lose so many chunks in between like he is--time was and always is precious, after all.

"Hey," Ryo greets, bending down to grab Massu's bag. "Sorry, I would've been here sooner, but got caught in traffic."

Massu shakes his head, glancing at his watch realizing that it's been about an hour and a half since his phone call. He smiles. "I didn't even notice," he says.

Ryo raises an eyebrow before shaking his head. "Get in," he tells Massu, moving into the driver's seat. Massu enters Ryo's car, nervous as his hands shake when he tries to put on his seat belt. Ryo looks over and laughs. "It's only me," Ryo says, reaching over to help Massu--Ryo's hands are on Massu's and they hear the click of the seat belt locking into place. "I won't have to take care of you like this all weekend, will I?" He presses on gas and the car moves out of the circle, leaving the station behind.

Massu shakes his head again, turning to look at Ryo. "No, you're probably busy. I'm really sorry to intrude--I--"

"Massu, I have the weekend off, so stop worrying." Ryo stops at a red light and turns to Massu. "I don't know why you decided to come to Osaka and visit all of a sudden, but don't worry about time."

"Are you sure? I mean, I can handle--"

"Masuda," Ryo says firmly. "This weekend's yours." He turns back to the road and Massu exhales. He puts on a smile--one that comes close to the kind he used to have before he got the news--close, but nowhere near at the same time.

"Thanks," Massu says. "I really appreciate this."

"You'd better," Ryo jokes. "Not everyone gets private time with Nishikido Ryo."

Massu chuckles before turning to look out his side window. He misses Ryo's worried look in his direction.


Day 1:

Since Massu had arrived pretty late and the drive back didn't help matters--they got stuck in traffic again--Ryo opts for dinner at the apartment. "I can cook," Ryo says confidently as he starts pulling out pots and the cutting board, as well as all the ingredients necessary for nabe--something good for the two of them.

"Let me help out," Massu says, putting down his bag right by the couch and moving towards behind the counter. Ryo stares him down and Massu slowly backs away. "Or not..." he mutters to himself.

Ryo grins--almost wickedly if Massu looks at the right angle, which he was. "You're my guest. I'll be cooking--at least for tonight anyway."

Massu laughs before he gets a good look at the pots--they're old, worn, and Massu recognizes them in an instant. "Aren't those the ones from Christmas?" Massu asks, eyebrows furrowed.

There's a flush over Ryo's cheeks before he abruptly turns around with the pot, heading straight for the sink: water turning on a second later. Massu doesn't need words; he already knows that he's right--they were the kitchen utensils Shige had given Ryo practically 10 years ago. Massu can't stop the bubble of happiness that spreads in his stomach.

Ryo turns back around and puts the pot down on the stove. "On second thought, I'm letting you stay here for free. I might as well get some free labor too."

Massu laughs before moving around to start chopping the vegetables.


"So why'd you come to Osaka?" Ryo asks when they're cleaning up the table after dinner.

Massu wipes mindlessly at the dish he's holding, shrugging. "I don't know," he says honestly. "Hopped on a train and suddenly found myself in Osaka."

Ryo laughs. "Don't lie. You've missed me and couldn't wait to see me on your weekend off." He leans against the sink, arms crossed and eyes on Massu.

Massu can't meet Ryo's eyes, but he laughs with ease, putting the plate in the cabinet it's assigned to. "You said it too soon, Nishikido-kun." He finally turns to Ryo, laughing. "You're supposed to say that at the end of the weekend and we're supposed to find true love that way."

Ryo bursts into laughter, clapping a hand on Massu's back. "Wanna watch a movie before we turn in?"

Massu shakes his head. "I think I'm a little sleepy from all the traveling. I hope you don't mind me going to bed early."

"No, it's no problem. The guest bedroom's down the hallway, first door to the right." Massu nods, moving around the counter to grab his back and walking down the hallway, grabbing the first doorknob he sees.

Massu blinks when all he sees are cleaning supplies that don't look like they've been touched in a while.

"To the right," Ryo laughs from the entrance of the hallway, only a few feet away. Massu blinks again, realizing he's on the wrong side before laughing awkwardly and turning the doorknob behind him. There, there's an actual bed and cabinets and everything he probably would need.

Ryo's behind him, just breathing and Massu feels strangely unsteady. "I hope this is okay. I haven't really used it for a while so I don't know how clean it might be."

Massu laughs, flicking on the light switch. "It's no problem. I drop by unannounced after all."

"Which is also no problem," Ryo insists.

"Yeah. Thanks again for that," Massu says, plopping himself onto the bed stomach first. Ryo chuckles from the doorway.

"No problem," he says, shutting the door for Massu.

Massu exhales and a sheet of dust rises from the bed. Massu wrinkles his nose before getting up and airing out the sheets. As he does so, Massu wonders how long he can really stay at Ryo's before he comes to terms with everything. He bites his bottom lip before focusing on just getting to sleep.


Day Two:

Massu's already awake and eating breakfast by the time Ryo wakes up--at six--to make breakfast.

Except it's already made. Massu grins, gesturing for Ryo to join him before pouring him a cup of coffee--black, because Ryo would rather focus on the fact that the coffee's supposed to wake someone up than on its flavor. "I thought I'd make you breakfast since you made me dinner."

Ryo shakes his head, still looking tired. "You shouldn't have, Massu."

"It's only right," Massu says gently, staring down at his glass of orange juice. "I don't mind it. I was already up anyway."

Ryo blinks. "Already? How long have you been up?"

Massu gives him a bright smile. "I think I'm going to get ready. You should eat up!" He bounces out of his chair and walks to his room, humming. He wonders how long till Ryo realizes that really, Massu just hadn't slept that night.


Ryo takes Massu to so many places that Massu's not even sure he remembers where he was maybe five minutes ago. Ryo doesn't take Massu to any of the normal tourist attractions--they'll always be there, Ryo argues. No, he takes Massu to more personal places. His favorite ramen-ya, his favorite place to go shopping--they unfortunately don't spend any time there, Ryo insisting they leave immediately; Massu pouts but it doesn't work. ("That only works when Tegoshi does it.") They go to his favorite park. His favorite cafe--his favorite something or another. His school.

Ryo's favorite park is right across the street from Ryo's elementary school and Massu swings back and forth on the swing--temporarily forgetting that he's 32 already and a grown man shouldn't really be riding in swings as freely as he is--but it helps him to forget.

"Isn't it kinda pedo of you to come here and stare at the kids?" Massu asks, bluntly. His eyes go wide as he realizes that he actually said that out loud.

Ryo laughs though, arms crossed as he leans against the handrail in front of the swings, just watching Massu go back and forth, and back and forth. "No, because I never stare at the kids."

Massu drags his feet on the sand, coming to a slow stop. "I'm really sorry," he says, teeth nipping at his lower lip. "I didn't--"

"Masuda, I can take a joke, you know. I'm not going to banish you or something." Ryo pushes off the handrail, hovering over Massu as he grips onto the chains of the swings. Massu thinks if he just leans a little forward, he could--

"I know that, Nishikido-kun," Massu says, leaning backwards to get a better angle towards Ryo's face. "Er. I just feel--"

"Ryo. We've been in a group for how many years and you're still calling me Nishikido-kun?"

Massu pauses. "Habit?"

Ryo laughs, pulling back and shaking his head. "I have a rule then. You have to call me Ryo for the next two days. No Nishikido-kun, no Ryo-kun, Ryo-sama. ...Although I might not mind the last too much. But just. Ryo. My name."

The edges of Massu's lips spread on his face without Massu actually realizing it. "Okay. I. Er. I think I can do that. Ni--Ryo."

Ryo returns Massu's grin. "I think that's the first I've seen you smile all weekend."

Massu blinks, hands on his face before flushing. "Er."

"Oh, you're not going to go all weird on me, are you?" Ryo snaps, wrinkling his nose. "Okay, let's just go." He reaches over and grabs Massu's hand, gripping tightly as he leads Massu deeper into the park--Massu swears if he closes his eyes, he can almost hear the crowds.

But he doesn't. Instead, he keeps his eyes open and fixed on Ryo as he wonders where Ryo's taking him--and what is going on inside his own head really.


Ryo ends up taking Massu to the other end of the park, exiting and then making a sharp right turn and straight into a ramen-ya. "Wait, another one? Didn't we just--" Ryo makes a loud shushing noise before entering.

The lady behind the counter halts her Irreshai with a "ugh" before moving around the counter and leading Ryo towards a booth. "God, don't you come here eno--" She starts before she catches sight of Massu standing behind Ryo, looking confused. "Wait, who is--"

Ryo gets a second's warning to cover his ears with his hands before the lady immediately squeaks, drops the menus she was holding and grasping Massu's hands in hers. "Oh! Masuda Takahisa-kun, right?!"

Massu blinks back in surprise. "Er, yes?"

"Can I get your signature?!" Massu looks past the girl's shoulder towards Ryo who nods at Massu before Massu can say that it's okay. "Great!" she says, rushing behind the counter to grab a notepad and pen and hands it to Massu. "Just anything would be great!"

Massu nods, drawing a pig off the bat--it's what he's used to after all and it looks almost the right size of the autograph boards--before scribbling his signature underneath it and handing it back. "Thank you!" she says excitedly before Massu turns to Ryo who's already sitting down in one of the booths, browsing through a menu. Massu joins him, sliding into the booth across from Ryo.

The lady joins them again, ready to take their order. But Ryo snorts without looking up from his menu. "You ask him for his autograph but not me? I'm here all the time."

"That's why I don't ask," she snorts back. "I have to see your ugly mug every day as it is."

Massu stares, wide-eyed and moving from Ryo to the lady then back to Ryo. Ryo finally snaps his attention away from the menu. "Shut up, old hag!"

The lady smacks Ryo over the head. "Hey! Watch what you call your older sister."

"Older sister?" Massu croaks out, eyes still wide.


"This is your shop?" Massu asks, mouth open as he looks around.

Ryo's sister grins at him. "Yeah. It's my husband's really. By the way, your meal's on the house."

"Hey! What about me?" Ryo snaps.

"Like you ever pay, cheap-skate. Where's all this idol money?"

Massu laughs hard off the glare on Ryo's face. "What are you laughing at, pig?"

"At the cheap-skate in front of me," Massu says with ease. Ryo's glare hardens, but Ryo's sister's grin widens.

"And that'll be dessert too."

Massu grins hard as Ryo argues with his sister that he should be getting dessert too--"No way! You don't treat the owner of the place with respect."

"What? And degrade myself?" Ryo gets a pinch on the cheek and another smack across the head for that remark.

Massu finds himself laughing for the entire night.

When they get back to the apartment, Massu's so wiped out that he practically stumbles his way to his room.

"Your sister's really nice," he says sleepily, leaning against his doorway as Ryo passes.

"Maybe to you," Ryo snorts, facing Massu with a sleepy smile. "I'll see you in the morning?"

Massu nods. Ryo turns and heads back to his room, but Massu blurts out, "You're really used to living here, huh?"

Ryo stops in his tracks and turns around slowly. He tilts his head to the side before smiling softly. "It takes some time."

Massu nods and goes back into his room, not really sure why he'd made that comment. He shakes his head and pushes it out of his head. He finds that he's so tired that he doesn't even have to think on how he'll be able to sleep--his routine for the past couple of nights. He just does.


Day Three:

Massu doesn't wake up early, which is a surprise to him and to Ryo who greets him in the kitchen, already eating breakfast and reading the newspaper. Massu rubs at his eyes and tries to read the clock with only one eye, squinting. "It's noon already?" Massu asks, yawning. "Why'd you let me sleep?"

"Because you needed it," Ryo says simply, taking another sip of his coffee.

Massu doesn't think he wants to continue with that line of thought so he lets it go. "Are we doing anything today?"

Ryo shakes his head. "I think your train leaves at about 5, so I thought we'd just stay in. Relax a little."

"Sounds good," Massu manages in a yawn.

"Or you could sleep more."

Massu shakes his head vigorously. "I'm only here for this weekend. I'm not going to waste it sleeping."

Ryo chuckles before flipping the next page of his newspaper.

Massu packs before he settles down on the couch next to Ryo. He kinda feels like a teenage girl or something, with his lower half spread out on the couch, a blanket covering him and he's leaning against Ryo--Ryo doesn't seem to mind though, arm leaning against the arm rest as they watch some movie that Massu completely missed the beginning 20 minutes of because he's so distracted thinking of how weird it must look for two 30+ year old men to be sitting on a couch together while the other one just thinks on and on about how strange this is.

Ryo's hand finds his under the covers and Massu relaxes as Ryo just holds on tight, his attention never wavering from the movie in front of them. Massu lets out a soft sigh.

Massu is asleep before the first action scene even plays.


Ryo is shaking him awake with a smile on his face. "You fell asleep."

Massu jerks off the couch, almost hitting Ryo in the forehead. "What? What. Did I miss anything? Why did you let me sleep?" he thinks he's whining--is almost sure he's whining from the strange look on Ryo's face.

"Because you needed it, idiot. Come on. I'll drive you to the station."

Massu frowns but he does as he's told--throwing the blanket off him and then when he stands up, automatically moving to fold it.

"You don't have to do that," Ryo says from around the other couch. "I can do it when I get home."

"It's only right," Massu says firmly. Ryo lets out a sigh of aggravation but Massu lets it go. He finally moves when he places the neatly folded blanket on top of the pillow he'd been sleeping on--wait, pillow?

Massu doesn't think on that. Instead, he follows Ryo, his stomach plunging as he thinks of going back home--or just going back. Of leaving when all he's felt when he's been here is that this is good for him. Being around, with Ryo has been good for him.

Massu thinks it's the last point that really sticks with him. The drive to the station is filled with silence as Massu tries to piece together his own thoughts--thoughts that bubble to the surface as he realizes that, shit, he went away a weekend to find answers, but didn't really. Not completely.

That, shit, he really was a little lost without NewS. That they'd taken up so much of his life that working away from them felt weird and even though Tegoshi was Tegoshi and Massu had always worked with him, there was something about the dynamic that Massu was longing for. But it would be okay. They'd adjust, because that's what happens with change--time helps a person adjust, after all. Breaking up didn't necessarily mean an ending--they were still a group, whether the Jimusho recognized them or not. They had a history--things and memories couldn't just be so easily replaced. And that, even at 32, Massu still had a lot of growing up left ahead of him.

And lastly, that, shit, he thinks he's in love with Ryo because Ryo pushes him away and pulls him towards Ryo all at the same time. He lets Massu think things over himself, but takes care of him without being obvious or annoying about it.

Massu becomes acutely aware of Ryo's glances in his direction at every stop light.

"What?" Massu finally asks after the 7th, no, maybe 8th, glance over.

"Are you going to be okay going back? You could always stay a little longer. Take a longer vacation," Ryo suggests, his eyes on the road, but Massu thinks if he could see Ryo's face, it'd be filled with worry and care.

Massu wants to say yes, because he'd love to stay longer. Love to see the rest of Ryo's family and see if they are all as lovingly abusive towards each other as Ryo is with everyone--like the NewS members. Love to actually get some sleep without having to worry about what's going to happen the next day. But Massu shakes his head, smiling. "No. I have someone waiting for me, but maybe next time?"

Ryo pulls into an empty spot in front of the station and turns to Massu with a smile. "Yeah. Definitely, my place is always open to you."

With a grin on his face--authentic and bright, like he's back to old times--Massu steps out of the car, grabbing his bag from the back seat. Before he shuts the passenger door though, Massu leans back in and says, "Thanks for everything. Ryo."

The smile on Ryo's face is unmistakable and the sight makes Massu think he really needs to keep his self-restraint in line a little more. "No problem."

Massu turns on his heel and heads straight for his train. He wouldn't want to miss practice the next morning.


Massu gets into practice right on time, a smile on his face--not forced, but just naturally there--and Tegoshi is already inside, running through their routine lightly.

Tegoshi turns to Massu with a smile. "Massu!" he says cheerfully, practically running over. "How was Osaka? Ryo-tan told me you went to go visit him. Was it fun? If I had known you were just going to Osaka, I would've joined you!"

Massu chuckles, pulling out a box of some kind of snack from his bag. "Maybe next time, Tegoshi."

"Un! I think it'd be fun visiting, Ryo-tan. And thanks, Massu!"

"Well, I wasn't about to pay for dinner."

"Ehhhhh. Really? I was hoping--" Tegoshi starts, jokingly.

Massu laughs. "Okay, maybe then." Tegoshi lights up and Massu grins widely at that.

Tegoshi stares at Massu curious which has him touching his face in sudden panic. "What? Is something--"

"You look happier, Massu."

Massu blinks, slightly started. "Er. Thanks."

"This was a good trip for you, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Massu says a second later. "It really was."


There's a knock on Massu's door at around 8 in the morning and it's one of Massu's rare days off ever since he's started filming for his drama. He stumbles towards the door and throws it open without really paying attention to who it is through the peephole.

Ryo's smile greets him. "Mind if I crash here for a week?"


Well, shit, I think this is my first favorite fic of the year. I'm on vacation and I've been reading a lot of fics this past few days (and very good ones too!), but this one is special because is Massu and Ryo and it's sad (I almost cried at the beginning), but oh so sweet and I really, really liked that there wasn't a heart-to-heart dialogue here. I like those, but again, they are Massu and Ryo and they don't need all that to communicate, to get better, to understand. Thank you so much for writing this (and your friends for inspiring it!), I enjoyed it a lot! ^o^
I really liked this fic...it's so rare to find a fic focused on Massu not revolving around food. Massu and Ryo's relationship is really realistic, and I love the addition of Ryo's sister XD
I love this so much.
I love your Massu and I adore your Ryo.
Thanks so much for sharing :)
shajdhskaj You and these cliffhangers. D:

I loved all these fics! You're a really good writer!
OOOOO that was great. I thought you might just break my heart at the beginning, and I am still not sure that I can say I liked this when you broke them up! I am not sure I want to live in a world where a broken up NEWS is a possibility! *sob*
The story was wonderful, I loved the relationship between Massu and Ryo, the quiet caring and worry and support. Beautifully written.
When I saw this fic dump on Jent I was SO excited because just. The pairings! The writing! Everything! I've finally finished reading them all, and then spent about ten minutes trying to figure out which one was my comment so I could make one comment of flail and to lessen my spam, but I couldn't decide. They were all so lovely!

I finally chose this one because...it's amazingly amazing. Just. Yeah. aldkfmadf. I like them all basically. Your writing is quirky and fun and just a delight to read.

Cough...rambling is rambling, sorry. Basically I think you're awesome XDDDDDD
you know i love this. remind me to come back to this when it's not late and i can quote lines more because i LOVE this and you know it from every time i flailed and cried and laughed and ached and whined at you while writing to give me a happy ending.

This is so adorable. I don't even know-- there's always this sort of fear that everything's going to end one day, and there are bands that have been together for so long that it is honestly terrifying to think that they could be broken apart and you showed that PERFECTLY in Massu.

Ah, I'm sure this isn't very coherent but your fic was lovely and mem'd. :)